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Saturday, September 26

Review of Library Automation Software Librarika (The free integrated library system - ILS)


 Review of Library Automation Software Librarika (The free integrated library system - ILS)

About Librarika:- 

Librarika is a SaaS (software as a service) based smart Integrated Library System (ILS) that is deployed on the Cloud. OPAC is built on each Librarika libraries with easy-to-manage functionalities it will perform all inhouse activities of the libraries in a very effective way.
The Services are provided by Raynux, the parent company of Librarika (a cloud-based library management service(s)), located at 373, Road 10, Block C, Bashundhara RA, Dhaka - 1229, Bangladesh.
 This software is based on the cloud-based Version the Libraries do not need to install any software it only required a good web browser and a good internet connection

They also provide assistance for the use of library software at any point of time When the library feels difficulty using library software.


Librarika comes with a wide variety of features to make it an efficient and effective Integrated Library System (ILS) for the rest of the world.

Some core features are:

  • Built-in OPAC
  • Smart Add - Instantly add book using ISBN from the Internet
  • Unlimited Management Stuffs
  • Unlimited Members/Patrons
  • Self-service library for small office
  • iPhone scanner app for Librarians
  • Members/Patrons Login
  • Members Access History
  • Members Check-ins / Checkouts
  • Members Online Reservations
  • Members Auto Join
  • Fees & Payments
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Multiple Branches
  • Intuitive Reports
  • Cost-Effective
  • Barcode reader/scanner friendly
  • Biblio data integration with OpenLibrary
  • Simple and User-friendly
  • Bulk Import of Catalog Items
  • Bulk Import of Members / Patrons
  • Export Catalog Items
  • Export Members
  • Email Reminders of Due / Overdue Items
  • Integration Widgets for Websites
  • Multiple language supports (beta)
  • Multiple Branches .

 Users of Librarika ILS:- 

 Any library can use Librarika library software for their in-house activity of the library it can be A school library, a college library, a University library, a public library, and any a special library when The Library and Institution feel the features and the support for the software fulfill the requirements of the library in all aspects.

Librarika is Free:-

Librarika management software is free up to some extent afterward Institution or Library have to to pay the cost of the library software for the better service and support.
Librarika is free for all for up to 2,000 (10,000) titles or records, however, we may increase this limit for non-profit or charity organizations based on actual needs. Please visit Librarika Plans for more details on our packages. 
The Plans are According to the Records. 

Librarika Benefits

  1.  100% free for up to 2000 titles or records.

  2.  Instant creation of your online library at Librarika.

  3.  Unlimited member/patron accounts.

  4.  Member reservation / self-service / overdue reminders.

  5.  Barcode scanner friendly.

  6.  No hardware, infrastructure, and software cost.

  7.  No installation and maintenance cost.

  8.  Easy, no technical skill required.

  9.  Access from anywhere using any internet-enabled device.

  10.  Support multiple library branches.



Librarika Mobile Apps:-

Users can use iPhone and Android scanner apps and quickly scan barcodes, do basic cataloging, circulations as well as upload book cover photos using a phone camera.

The Mobile Application also provides basic cataloging by Scanning the ISBN Barcode and it is very simple to use and very usefull

My Opinion:- 

In My Opinion, this software is Good for all types of libraries having regular internet connection they can use this software as Demo up to the 2000 records to understand the features and services.

Library Science Students and professionals can also use this Software to understand the working Prosses of any Library Automation Software for learning purposes. 

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