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Friday, March 4


Questions are based on the Syllabus of NET/JRF and it will also help for the other competition Examination such as NVS, KVS, DSSSB, SET

QUIZ NO -04 (31-40) Solution of Gujarat SET 2021 Library and Information Science.

31. URL stands for

... Answer is A))Uniform Resource Locator
A Uniform Resource Locator (URL), colloquially termed a web address, is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.

32.According to whom an ALA means "Ask Librarian Anything"

... Answer is C)“Ask Library Anything” (ALA) was the phrase coined by Melvil Dewey to explain the nature of reference service

33. Gopher is a

... Answer is C)Tools to access the internet
Gopher is an application-layer protocol that provides the ability to extract and view Web documents stored on remote Web servers. Gopher was conceived in 1991 as one of the Internet’s first data/file access protocols to run on top of a TCP/IP network. It was developed at the University of Minnesota and is named after the school's mascot.

34. Intellectual Property Rights does cover the following

... Answer is D)All of the above
Intellectual Property Rights does not cover the following
1. Trade Marks
2. Patents
3. Copyrights and related rights
4. Industrial Designs
5. Geographical Indications
6. Layout Design of integrated circuits
7. Plant Varieties
8. Information Technology and Cybercrimes
9. Data Protection

35. Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme is published by

... Answer is D)OCLC

36. The concept of self-renewing library was introduced by

... Answer is A)Atkinson
The concept of 'Self-renewing library of limited growth' was prounded in Atkinson working party report submitted to UGC in England in the year 1976. The concept of a Self-renewing Library means a library in which space required for new acquisitions would be provided largely by space created by withdrawals.

37. Which organization has introduced the concept of 'Sister libraries' for children and young adults reading?

... Answer is B) IFLA

38.One of the following search engine is exclusive meant for scientific information.

... Answer is C)SCIRUS
One of the following search engines is exclusively meant for scientific information.
The Web search engine focuses only on those sites and journals databases with scientific content highlight peer-reviewed articles and cover over 100 million science-related pages.
It is launched in 2001
ScienceDirect is operated by the British-Dutch publisher Elsevier. It was launched in March 1997.

39.Identify the association that has changed its original name.

... Answer is C) LA
The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, since 2017 branded CILIP: The library and information association is a professional body for librarians, information specialists, and knowledge managers in the United Kingdom.
It was established in 2002 as a merger of the Library Association (LA, sometimes LAUK) and the Institute of Information Scientists (IIS).

40.Who is the author of "Putting Knowledge to work"? .

... Answer is D)Pauline Atherton Cochrane
Putting knowledge to work; an American view of Ranganathan's Five Laws of library science.