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Monday, October 26

LIS Quiz :- 13 For NTA UGC NET/JRF Preparations.

Questions are based on the Syllabus of NET/JRF and it will also help for the other competition Examination such as NVS, KVS, DSSSB, SET

QUIZ NO -13 For NTA UGC NET/JRF 2020 Preparations.

1.An University providing Open Access to Sanskrit dissertations through the Internet?

... Answer is B)
Delhi University

2.The Principle of Local Variation is mainly applicable in::’?

... Answer is A)

3. Search engine is usually a web-based system for

... Answer is B.
B. Searching the information available on the web

4. One of the authorized user makes bulk downloading of a Journal using robots and consequently licensor blocks access of the journal. What may be the most appropriate action (s) that librarian should initiate? i) Cancellation of authentication of the said user ii) Asking the licensor for blocking up the access without prior information. iii) Investigate and take corrective measures iv) Notify user community of user restrictions.

... Answer is C)
(i), (iii) are correct.

5.In KWIC indexes the keyword is:?

... Answer is C)
Derived from the title

6.Which of the following is not the power of the Local Library Authority?

... Answer is C)
Enacting Public Library Act

7.Cataloguing-in-publication started by the library of congress in the year

... Answer is A)

8.Name the University Library in India that first “Reference Librarian” created the post

... Answer is A)
Madras University Library

9.When was the Encyclopedia Britannica first published??

... Answer is D)

10.‘Eradication of Malaria in India 1990-1999’- a report can be categorized under

... Answer is A)
Trend Report

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