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Thursday, April 23

World Book Day and CopyRight Day 23rd April

World Book Day and CopyRight Day

23 April

  • World book day/ World copy Right Day which is organized By UNESCO it first came into action on 23 April 1995.

  • 23 April is also the Death anniversary of William Shakespeare and other eminent literary personalities. that is the reason UNESCO chose this Day as Tribute to these Authors 

  • In the celebration of this day Libraries  and Other Literary body promote the enjoyment of Book Reading Books and also promote books reading habits among the Society and also Uplift  Creative, innovation,  and Equal access of knowledge for the Society  

  •  On this occasion UNESCO  Select World book capital for that year, the world book capital of 2020 is Kualalumpur. 

  • The main Aim of Word Book day Celebration is created life long learning habit in people so that each and every person get Equal Access to Knowledge.

  • On This occasion, I would like to certainly cote a beautiful thought " If you have Reading Habit of books you will live Happy at any place at any Condition."  Read today for better Tomorrow. 

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