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Wednesday, November 3

Quiz - 17


Questions are based on the Syllabus of NET/JRF and it will also help for the other competition Examination such as NVS, KVS, DSSSB, SET

QUIZ NO -17 Solution of Question of Andhra Pradesh SET 2021 Library and Information Science.

1.Who is the Chairman of the CONPOLIS?

... Answer is D)
Prof. D.P. Chattopadhyay

2. When was the National Policy on Library and Information System set up ?

... Answer is A)

3. NVLI (National Virtual Library of India) was created by the .

... Answer is B.
National Mission on Libraries

4. In 1957, which Committee recommended that the university departments convert all diploma courses into bachelor, master and Ph.D. degrees in LIS?

... Answer is A)
Library Committee

5. When was the National Mission on Libraries constituted?

... Answer is B)

6. The first All India Library Conference of Librarians was held in 1918 at

... Answer is D)

7. When was the Raja ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation established?

... Answer is A)

8. Which type of statistics can be used To draw conclusions from the research Sample to the larger population?

... Answer is A)
Inferential statistics

9. In which research method, random Assignment is not used while selecting The sample population?

... Answer is B)
Quasi-experimental design

10. The research intends to explore the result Of possible factors for the organization Of effective mid-day meal interventions. Which research method will be most Appropriate for this study ? .

... Answer is C)
Ex-post facto method

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