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Monday, November 2

LIS Quiz :- 15 For NTA UGC NET/JRF Preparations.

Questions are based on the Syllabus of NET/JRF and it will also help for the other competition Examination such as NVS, KVS, DSSSB, SET

QUIZ NO -15 For NTA UGC NET/JRF 2020 Preparations.

1.LIS-FORUM is a?

... Answer is B)
E-mail based discussions

2.Bandwidth is a measure of?

... Answer is D)
Data Transfer rate

3. CERL "Library Consortium Stands for...

... Answer is D)
Consortium of European Research Libraries

4.The concept of 'Thesaurofacet' ws developed by...

... Answer is B)
The Thesaurofacet(1969) a list of engineering term is desinged by Jean Aitkinson

5.“God has chosen me as an instrument, the honour done to me should act as an incentive to the younger generation to devote their lives whole heartedly to library science and service”. Whose quotation is this?

... Answer is C)
S. R. Ranganathan

6. OAI stands for :

... Answer is B)
Open Archives Initiatives

7.“Search strategy is the mirror in the dark”. Whose quotation is this ?

... Answer is A)

8.Encycloapedia of library and Information Science is published by :

... Answer is C)
Marcel Dekker

9.This particular law of library science gives emphasis on the delegation of the government to enact library legislation in their respective states :

... Answer is B)
Second Law

10.Arrange the following according to the preferred order of sources for information. (i) Colophon (ii) Outside the issue (iii) Title Page (iv) Preface

... Answer is C)
(iii) (i) (iv) (ii)

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